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MOLD FREE New Jersey
We are Located in Atlantic City, NJ
609-399-MOLD (6653)
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If mold is not visible, we’ll take air samples to check if excessive mold spores are present in the air you’re breathing!

We will examine the collected samples in our in-house laboratory.

We will also inspect and use a “moisture meter” to help us locate the real cause of mold growth- WET CONDITIONS!

Mold spores growing on ceiling and inside wall. Studs are exposed and mold is visible on wall board.


Did You Know?

The real enemy when it comes to mold is excessive moisture. Harmful mold growth in the home, office or school always begins with an excessive moisture problem.

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We are located in Ocean City, NJ. Use our Contact Form or call us at 609-399-MOLD (6653) .

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